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Radio Tuna – Free Desktop Internet Radio Player And Also A Widget For Your Website Or Blog

16 January 2012


Radio Tuna is a freeware software to play internet radio on your desktop. This installable desktop radio player is capable to sort radio stations by the genres of music played using the patented Radio Tuna genre fingerprint service to give unparalleled search results. The new Radio Tuna desktop radio player brings you the radio stations […]

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WordAds can give better than AdSense – says WordPress

1 December 2011

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Google’s AdSense may face a tough competition from WordPress in the ad platform space very soon. Two days ago WordPress announced that it is introducing its own ad platform WordAds. ‘’ has already partnered with Federated Media (FM) to provide advertising representation to bloggers. Over the years one of the most frequent requests on has […]

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Likely a WordPress issue!

12 April 2007


                WordPress seems having some issue while commenting to other blogs and updating the options of your own blog. This weird behaviour i observed today while commenting on Seejay’s blog. Some time back i saw seejay’s blog and trying to post a comment after logging into my account. As i already logged in, it shown me only the […]

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Round border in wordpress posts

10 April 2007


  My First Rounded Border     Round Cornered borders (like this post’s border) is always looks nicer and it is a first choice to not only me but also many web designers. We can use round corners in two ways. one is using tables which is a old fashioned, and another approach is using […]

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