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How to Increase your computer speed using Windows 7 built-in feature ReadyBoost

20 March 2012


There are lot of free tools available to speedup your computer and some of them we covered earlier in TechSmartlife. They all work by fine tuning your windows settings or cleaning junk files etc., I observed another interesting feature when playing around with my USB device on Windows 7 today. Low memory can make your […]

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How to use browser’s built-in features to save typing and time spent on web

9 February 2012


Modern web browsers are coming up with lot of features which can be of some time saving when used. Google Chrome is little ahead when it comes to user experience. Below are few features that allows you to reduce your typing effort and minimizes time spent on internet. Earlier i covered one article on how […]

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How To Share And Write Files Between Host and Guest Operating Systems On Oracle VirtualBox

9 January 2012


If you need to access the Host operating system’s hard disk from the Guest operating system which is running on Oracle’s Virtual Box, here is the process. Host OS is the one where you are primarily logging into your computer and installed the Virtual Box. Guest OS are the operating systems installed on the Virtual […]

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How To Setup Mobile Broadband Like BSNL 3G USB DataCard On Ubuntu 11.10

8 January 2012


This procedure also works for the other mobile broadband providers like Reliance, Tata Photon, MTNL, MTS MBlaze, Aircel, Airtel, Spice, Vodafone etc., Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) has simplified the configuration of wireless and wired network connections with an easy to use network connection wizard. Though this article talks about the procedure for BSNL data card, […]

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How To Access CD/DVD, USB Drives WithIn The Guest OS On Oracle VirtualBox; You Can Also Boot The Virtual Machine From Them

7 January 2012


When i was writing an article on Avira AntiVir Rescue System in TechSmartLife, I was looking for some information on how to make VirtualBox Windows installation to make VirtualBox to boot from the CD-ROM or USB. I found some useful links dedoimedo, agnipulse which works with the old versions of VirtualBox. The current version of […]

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How To Install And Use Windows 8 On Oracle VirtualBox; Procedure Also Same For Windows 7, Ubuntu, Mandriva…

7 January 2012


Oracle VirtualBox is a free powerful x86 and AMD64/Intel64 virtualization software package currently being developed by Oracle Corporation allows you to run any guest operating system on your host operating system.  Oracle VirtualBox itself is installed on an existing host operating system as an application; this host application allows additional guest operating systems, each known as […]

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Avira AntiVir Rescue System – How To Install, Use and Boot From CD, DVD, USB

6 January 2012


The Avira AntiVir Rescue System a free Linux based application that allows accessing computers that cannot be booted anymore. Thus it is possible to repair a damaged system, to rescue data or to scan the system for virus infections. Just burn the Avira AntiVir Rescue System software to a CD/DVD and you can then use […]

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SnapDraw: Free Print Screen Capture Software with Watermark, Special Effects and Annotation Tools

5 January 2012


Most screen capture programs are fine if you just want to take an image of what’s on your screen to include in your document or presentation. The hard stuff comes when you need to add annotations or special effects  to your screenshots. Out goes the screen capture program, in come the big gun photo editors, […]

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