Photo! Editor is a free online and offline photo editor and Caricature maker Editor  We have covered quite a few good freeware photo editing programs earlier here. Some of the best tools available are Paint.NET, PhotoFilter, and the feature-rich Photoscape. PhoXo is another simple and best tool for day to day use for novice users. Today we are covering another one that we would like to add to our favorites Photo! Editor. Formerly known as vicMan tools were later emerged and presented in a new look in  Photo! Editor.  This freeware tool is a powerful multifunctional software offering a complete set of image editing tools. It contains everything a digital camera owner or a novice user might need to correct or enhance their photos. You will enjoy the ultimate convenience and professional approach provided by each of the tools. Another best thing about this tool is you can create caricatures from your photographs in just few clicks. It also provides tools to remove red eye instantly, enhance the color of the image, make funny caricatures, add astonishing lighting effects, straighten, re-sample and crop images. The site also provides a cloud version of the tools for the users who hate to install software. Editor

Note: The program requires to be installed and accessed using administrative privileges. You may be able to open the program with non-admin user access but no function in the software will work until you open it with admin access. To open the program in admin mode, right click on the program’s executable file or shortcut then select “run as administrator”

For some functions Photo! Editor provides automatic mode and manual mode. The automatic mode encapsulates lot of complex settings which are kind of a black box to the non tech users.

Program features:

Batch processing: Photo! Editor allows you to edit your images in batch mode. Batch processing lets you quickly edit multiple photos with minimal effort. You can process batches of images easily using Windows Explorer context menu. Just highlight several files, right-click on them and select the desired tool.

Fix Red Eye: The Fix Red Eye tool allows you to quickly and easily remove red eye from your photos. An image can be fixed automatically (no manual selection is needed in the vast majority of photos) or edited in manual mode.

Enhance Color: The Enhance Color tool contains a number of advanced tools for adjusting image color balance, contrast, brightness and saturation. An image can be fixed automatically (default color correction will be performed) or edited in manual mode.

De-noise: The Denoise tool developed in VicMan’s Research Lab uses one of the world’s best technologies to effectively remove luminance and color noise from images made under poor lighting conditions. It provides an excellent quality of processed photos, no matter whether an image is fixed automatically or edited in manual mode.

Deblur: The Deblur tool lets you sharpen blurry images. The tool uses an advanced method that makes it possible to improve even heavily blurred pictures.

Caricature: The Caricature tool lets you create funny caricatures transforming photos with special warping effects.

Make Up: The Make Up tool contains a complete set of retouching filters for portrait enhancement.

Lighting Effect: The Lighting Effects tool lets you apply artistic lighting effects to your photos, as well as add 3D relief.

Straighten Images: The Straighten tool offers the easiest way to straighten tilted photos.

Resample Images: The Resample tool allows you to resize images enlarging or reducing them without image quality loss.

Crop Images: The Crop tool lets you crop images conveniently bringing out the most attractive details.

The site provided good walk-through about the features of the tool and they can be accessed from here. As of this writing the Red-Eye removal tutorial is pointing to a wrong location, the correct one is Photo! Editor: Fix Red Eye

System requirements:

Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or Windows 7
600 MHz Intel Pentium III or AthlonXP, or better
512 MB or more


The software can be downloaded from here and the online cloud version can be accessible from here

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