Find visually how your files, directories consuming disk space and also cleanup using WinDirStat

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If your hard-disk or USB is filling up faster and if you want to know what is eating up your disk space, then WinDirStat is here to help you. WinDirStat is a free, open-source program that shows statistics of your hard disk consumption in a graphical representation. The statics provide a detailed information on which file or directory is occupying more space. The tool is also allows you to cleanup of the files right from its main window.

When you first start the program, it will ask you which drives you would like to scan. You can choose to scan all local drives or a specific drives, or even a single folder. The can always reselect the drives using the menu File > Open. The scan would take few seconds to couple of minutes depending on your hard drive size. On my 20GB virtual-box it took around 5 seconds to give the result and for a shared drive of 180GB capacity it took 40 seconds. The program may be unresponsive until it finishes the scan, if your hard drive space is huge.

WinDirStat Drive Selection

During the scan the program shows below screen. The pacman images would represent the progress of the scan. The huge sized files would be placed on top of the list by default.

WinDirStat Scanning Drives

Once the scan completes, you can see a nice GUI with three sections mainly. The top portion of the results window displays the files/folders list in descending order with the largest files at the top.  You can change the display order of the files by clicking the category at the top of the column. The bottom portion of the window displays a Treemap/heatmap of all files directories in color grids. This view has multiple squares that each represent individual files on your computer.  These files are color-coded according to the extension list in the top-right view. You can click on any grid to open the files in the top-left window. If you don’t like the treemap, disable it by hitting F9 key.

WinDirStat Main Window

Identifying the huge uncessary files and removing them is one of the good practices in computer maintenance even if your hard-drive space is in TBs and you don’t care about the space. Once you cleanup the huge amount of space, run any de-fragment tool to improve performance of your computer. This is one of the good tools every computer user should have.

Version: 1.1.2

System Requirement

 Windows 95 (IE5), 98 SE, ME, NT4 (SP5), 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8


Download page of WinDirStat

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  1. cool says:

    thanks its a great tool…graphical representation of the space taken by the system makes easy for me to find useless files more quickly then figures…thanks once again for this great tool…

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