Dashboard for Chrome is a chrome extension that includes Notes, Calculator and More

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Dashboard for Chrome is a nice browser extension that allows you to take notes and perform different calculations with in your Chrome browser without opening any other application. It is a handy extension for all those users who like to take notes and perform some calculations while browsing and feel distracted to open your Notepad or other application.

Dashboard for Google Chrome solves this problem by integrating editor, calculator and quickly allows you to search with different search engines like Google, Ask, Wikipedia, Yahoo, YouTube, Flickr etc., Just select the service, type the keyword you want to search for and it will open the search results in a new tab. While your cursor is on the search-tool, press F1 to scroll through the search engines and F2 to scroll through the categories. The categories are like a context menu for the search engines. It will change based on the selected search engine.

To get started, go to the Dashboard for Chrome page on Google Web Store click on Add To Chrome button to install the extension.

Dashboard For Chrome

Once installed, click on the Dashboard for Chrome icon which will open a pop-up screen with compact calculator and a notepad right inside Google chrome. You can remove the default text by double clicking in the notepad area. Whatever you type here would be auto saved.

Dashboard For Chrome

Type anything in this text area, from tasks, notes, reminders or a to-do list and it will be auto saved and shown to you again whenever you open this extension. Double click this text area and the text will self-clear after a confirmation. You can print the text in the editor area by pressing F12 key.

The calculator supports all basic mathematical calculations. Any number saved in to the memory using M+ or M- keys will be available only till that session. If you reopen the Dashboard, the number in the memory would be cleared. You can also click the C button (Clear) twice to clear the temporary memory of the calculator.

If you want to uninstall Dashboard for Chrome, simple right click on extension icon and click on Uninstall button.

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