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CatchChar LogoIf you are a document writer, technical writer or web publisher, you might need to insert special Unicode characters like Copyright, Trademark, currency symbols etc.,  into your documents very frequently. Windows has built-in tools Charmap and Eudcedit to deal with Unicode characters when you need to insert them into tools like Notepad, word and other documents. But they need a few key hits to get the job done. If you are not aware, Charmap is an Unicode character viewer and has capability to insert the selected Unicode character in to your editors and Eudcedit is a Private Character Editor to create your own characters and assign them a Unicode to it, which you can then insert into documents by using Character Map.

CatchChar is nice tiny freeware utility which allows you to insert the predefined and frequently used Unicode characters into Notepad or any other editor with a shortcut code. Its on-demand popup menu allows you to define your own frequently used Unicode characters and insert them into your documents with just one click. This is faster than looking for special characters in an on screen keyboard or in Windows Charmap utility that requires an additional copy, paste operation.

CatchChar menu starts with very few default characters. The idea is that you would like to add your own characters to it. Click on Settings. Enter a Unicode character in “New Character” box and hit Add Character to add it to the menu. You can take help of Windows Charmap utility to enter the special character for the first time. In the new version, you can enter more than one character.


CatchChar Popup

Upon executing after installation it sits in the tray icon area and waits for your hot key. By default the hot key combination Alt-Shift-C would bring the menu with all your favorite Unicode characters. You can change the letter C to any other letter but Alt-Shift is mandatory. You can also make your portable version from the installation. Just rename the catchchar.exe to catchcharportable.exe and copy it to your USB device. You can also copy the portable file to your dropbox and you can get the same menu would beavailable on all the computers connected to the DropBox.

CatchChar Config

CatchChar Config - Adding new character


  • Decide which Unicode characters yo in your menu
  • Add more characters from CharMap
  • Access menu with hot key
  • Single click insert of the Unicode characters
  • Change the hot key
  • Reorganize the menu by moving characters up and down
  • Separate group of characters with a separator
  • Make portable version from the installation

Version: 1.6.2


Installation is simple and it doesn’t offer any 3rd party components and toolbar. Just download and install.

System Requirements



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