Find duplicate files fast with the small, portable and freeware tool DoubleKiller

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DoubleKiller is a tiny portable freeware tool to find duplicate files in your computer. It searches your hard disk or selected folders for identical files and offers you to delete or move them. A similar tool AllDup duplicate File Finder was reviewed here some time back. DoubleKiller allows you to choose different comparison criteria when searching for the identical files. It can compare the file using it’s name, simple date and file size methods as well as a CRC checksum calculation to make 100% sure that the files are indeed identical. The name based comparison ignores case sensitivity. You can also direct DoubleKiller to search only a particular category files through a concept called masking. The masking includes both inclusion and exclusion categories. The inclusion masking allows DoubleKiller to search only some category files like .exe, .txt and the exclusion masking allows it to completely ignore the specified kind of files from the search. Usually you can exclude files like .dll, and other system files from the search using this exclusion mask. You then get a list of all duplicate files that were found and can decide which files should be deleted or not.



CRC means Cyclic Redundancy Check is a kind of fingerprint to the files. Every file has a fingerprint, and these fingerprints can be easily compared against each other. If you select this option, DoubleKiller calculates CRC checksum for all the files and compares them with other file’s CRC to find the duplicates. There are very rare cases two files having the same checksum although they are not identical.


  • Scans hard drive, directories (includes sub-directories)
  • Multiple comparison criteria (file name, size, date and content)
  • You can exclude files based on their name, file type, attributes or size
  • Presents a list of all identical files so you can decide or move which ones to remove
  • Provides option to delete or move the found duplicate files
DoubleKiller Results

DoubleKiller Results

DoubleKiller Options

DoubleKiller Options


  • Interface is not very attractive
  • You cannot exclude folders
  • Free version limits maximum single file size to 2GB

Version: 1.6.2


DoubleKiller is a portable tool. Please extract the file to any folder on your hard disk.

System Requirements



DoubleKiller download page

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  1. kevin41 says:

    All I need in this life is a fast PC :). the problem is that duplicate files take up too much space and slows down the system. It’s good to know that there are many programs like Duplicate Files Deleter that gets rid of these problems.

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