How to change your computer’s resolution with a hotkey using Hotkey Resolution Changer

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You don’t need this tool if you have only one monitor and that doesn’t require frequent display changes. There are few jobs require you to play with different resolutions of the monitor for example testing a software, switching between dual monitor and single monitor etc., If you have dual monitors or multiple monitor and do a lot of switching between them, you might be required the tool Hotkey Resolution Changer that changes your computers resolutions with just one hot-key. HRC is totally free and portable utility to add to your USB flash drive.

Hotkey Resolution Changer

Hotkey Resolution Changer

Once you start the program it sits in your computer’s system tray, double click on the icon to open the main GUI. You can pass different resolution codes like R1, R2, R3… etc., along with the program name either by command prompt or shortcut. You can change this code by clicking on the Change button on the main GUI. The tool supports up to 9 resolutions with customized shortcuts.

Version: 1.5


Portable, no installation required.

System Requirements

Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8


HRC download page

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