Securely delete your files with the simple, free and portable file shredder tool Zer0

Written by Vijesh

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Windows default file deletion is not at all secured and the deleted files can be recovered with some special file recovery software even when you clean your recycle bin. When you delete a file on windows it just only remove the link to data, and if the data space is not reused at later time, this space is forever holds your important data. Some special tools even recovers your deleted data if the data space has been reused. Overwriting parts of the disk with something else or formatting the disc may not guarantee that the sensitive data is completely unrecoverable. So, what should you do when you want a file to be gone forever… beyond recovery?

Zer0 is a very easy to use powerful portable freeware tool from KCSoftwares that helps you quickly delete your files and make them gone for good and forever. Just run the tool and drag and drop any files that you want to delete on its graphical interface and then press the “Delete” button. In couple of seconds that files will be deleted forever. I tried recovering the files using Glarysoft’s undelete tool and IObit undelete tool and they could not find these deleted files. Though the Glarysoft’s and IObit tools are having the secure file deletion capabilities, you need to download the entire set of tools which is a heavy download for the user who just need only a secured shredder tool. A portable version is also available for download along with the standard windows installer.




There are couple of functionality which i thought were missing in this tool. You can add only files not directories. It would be annoying adding file by file when you have to wipe out entire directory. Once you add a file by mistake, you cannot take it out. For that you have to close the app and open again. Since the tool is still under development i think these additions would be added in the future releases.

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  1. Jenita says:

    It provides a convenient drag and drop utility and allows instantly shredding files in a single click.

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