Do not forget your critical tasks again, get reminded with the free Followupthen service

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Do you need a way to remind yourself of critical tasks? Try this simple free email reminder service from Followupthen and you do not even need an account. All you need to remember is The tool supports all regularly used general keywords which would be prefixed with the to provide the reminders.  Try it now by emailing and see what happens! Viewing and cancelling of the future reminders is very easy. Just email and you’ll receive an email back with list of pending followups, along with a link to cancel any reminder.

FollowUpThen requires no account to get started!

Just compose an email and include [schedule format] in the “Cc”, “Bcc” or “To” fields of your email. Each is a bit different:

  • BCC: You will receive a followup but we won’t bug the original recipient.
  • TO: You will get a followup after the time interval you specify.
  • CC: If your recipient has not responded by the scheduled time, both of you receive a followup.

schedule format

  • You can ask the tool give reminders based on time for example 1minute, 1hour, 2hours, 1day, 2days, 4weeks, 2months, 2years etc., Ex:
  • You can ask the tool to give reminders based on day of week for example monday, tuesday etc.,
  • You can ask the tool to give reminders based on common scheduling terms like tomorrow, nextweek, nextmonth etc.,
  • You can ask the tool to give reminders based on Specific Date like mar30, 2010-05-30 etc.,
  • You can ask the tool to give reminders based on Specific Time like 11am, 10pm, 1132am
  • You can ask the tool to give reminders based on Specific Date and Time  like tomorrow9am, 12pmAug25 etc.,
  • You can ask the tool to give recurring reminders by prefixing the above keywords with “every” for example everywed, every1st, everymar30 etc.,

The tool also gives the SMS reminders which is a paid service.


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