SnapDraw: Free Print Screen Capture Software with Watermark, Special Effects and Annotation Tools

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Most screen capture programs are fine if you just want to take an image of what’s on your screen to include in your document or presentation. The hard stuff comes when you need to add annotations or special effects  to your screenshots. Out goes the screen capture program, in come the big gun photo editors, and the next thing you know, you’ve wasted hours trying to achieve simple callout boxes !

CrossGL SnapDraw is a Freeware screen capture and post process tool that do all the complicated annotation graphics such as Callouts and Magnifier Lens or nice looking effect such as 3D perspective and Reflections with the built in tools. With these tools, you just point and click to accomplish the work in a small amount of time while achieving High Quality of outputs. This tool until few months back was available as commercial version with the price tag of $30, now available as freeware.



  • SnapDraw Free is one of the few capture programs able to record transparency/translucency introduced by Windows Aero ™ desktop theme.
  • Captures transparencies also in Windows XP, eg. rounded corners or custom shapes.
  • Useful also as a traditional screen capture tool. The transparency capture capability is not requirement, but optional advantage.


  • Put multiple screenshots into the one capture scene.
  • Position, rotate, scale and arrange screenshots.
  • Add arbitrary images or photos.
  • Add text or image watermarks.
  • Set background color or background image.


  • Add labels with pointing arrows and numbering to describe captured images
  • Highlight important parts with contour geometric primitives or transparent shapes
  • Write arbitrary text and use shadow effects

Annotation Tools Library

Annotation Tools are drawing objects which can be freely used in SnapDraw screenshot software. Each tool is stored in one individual file with an appropriate extension indicating the type of the tool. All tools are Vector Graphics based. That means, SnapDraw can render them to any size of the final output image while retaining a high quality of graphics at any scale. Each tool can be furthermore customized (eg. color changes) with dedicated SnapDraw Tools Designer application, where You can also create a new tools. The tool comes with the default set of annotation library also provides extra library (please see the bottom section for download).

Archive and Share

  • Save screenshot compositions as a complete projects with editable parts (text, arrow clouds, shapes, lines, images). Get back to saved projects later.
  • Save resulting images as JPEG, PNG, BMP or JNG (JPEG with transparency).
  • Upload resulting images to FTP or Send by Email.
  • Copy resulting images to Clipboard.

3D Screen Shots

  • Put captured screenshots or added images into the 3D perspective of your liking.
  • Built-in perspective edit tool lets you define arbitrary 3D perspective view in a few moments.

Reflection and Magnifier Lens Effects

  • Choose group or individual reflection effect.
  • The size of reflection is computed as a part of resulting image and automatically adjusts to the scene size and constraints.
  • Magnifier Lens Effect helps focus to some important part of the screenshot and looks very nice.


1. Download the free tool from the vendor’s site (please see the bottom of this page for the download link) and execute it.

SnapDraw Install 1

In the next screen accept the license agreement and click on next.

SnapDraw Install 3

Click on Install button to install the tool.

SnapDraw MainScreen

Before using the tool, we need to set the capture key settings from the main screen. Go to “Configuration” menu and then select “Capture Key Settings“. Define your hot key and Activate it.

SnapDraw Capture Key Settings

Before using the tool, it is also worth to mention what we want to do with the captured screenshot. Go to “Configuration” menu and then select “On Capture Settings” and make the necessary changes. In the below screenshot i mentioned to save the output file to my desktop.

SnapDraw On Capture Settings

Now just try our settings by access the hot key we defined.

How to define the Watermark?

Go to Image Composition on the main screen, select Scene, select Watermark tab, select the “Use Wartermark” checkbox. Enter the water mark text under the Text section.

SnapDraw Watermark Settings

How to remove the default reflection in the output image?

Go to Image Composition on the main screen, select Scene. Deselect the Reflection and Margin checkbox under “Scene Settings to Use” category.

System Requirements

Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
(works in both 32 & 64 bits environments)


You can download the windows executable file from the SnapDraw Free download page or direct download of executable.

You can also download the  Additional Annotation Tools for your SnapDraw.

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    How do I save a screenshot captured using Snapdraw as JPEG file?

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