WordAds can give better than AdSense – says WordPress

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Google’s AdSense may face a tough competition from WordPress in the ad platform space very soon. Two days ago WordPress announced that it is introducing its own ad platform WordAds. ‘WordPress.com’ has already partnered with Federated Media (FM) to provide advertising representation to WordPress.com bloggers.

Over the years one of the most frequent requests on WordPress.com has been to allow bloggers to earn money from their blog through ads. We’ve resisted advertising so far because most of it we had seen wasn’t terribly tasteful, and it seemed like Google’s AdSense was the state-of-the-art, which was sad. You pour a lot of time and effort into your blog and you deserve better. – wordpress blog

WordAds is 100% optional and is designed for bloggers who would like to earn money from their blogs by showing high quality ads from brand advertisers. Only publicly visible blogs with custom domains will be considered for this program. If you are interested but don’t have a custom domain, you can quickly sign up for a custom domain for your free blogs. You are not eligible if you have only a free WordPress.com [yourname.wordpress.com] blog. WordAds eligible selection would be based on the level of traffic and engagement, type of content, and language used on a blog.

WordPress may release and publish the case studies in the first quarter of 2012.  Since the decision of introducing the Ads may clutter the existing website designs., a work is already underway to create variation of the current themes to include the Ads.

  • Your website must be public
  • You should a Custom Domain
  • You must have hosting with WordPress.com; [WordPress.org users may be considered in later phases]
  • Your website language matters. Mostly English blogs would be considered at initial stage
  • Your website visitor count is another criteria
  • You can opt for Ad-Free blog by upgrading your account
  • WordPress may display ads from either AdSense or WordAds
  • Only one ad block per page

 Fill out this form to apply for WordAds if you are eligible.

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