Explore the human body in 3D with BioDigital Human

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Google launched a 3d tool Body Browser, an interesting WebGL  application last year that lets you explore the human body just like you can explore the world in Google Earth. This used to be a very cool Google Labs project that let you view a 3D human body picture and learn about it. Zygote is the company behind the 3D human anatomy displayed in Google Body. As Google Labs winds down Zygote will move forward with Zygote Body and the company Zygote will be releasing this as a full product very soon.

As Google Labs winds down, we will be retiring Google Body. However, you will soon be able to find its functionality elsewhere. We are working on open-sourcing the code that powers Google Body so that anyone will be able to create and run a searchable 3D viewer. We are also working with our partner, Zygote Media Group, on an application called Zygote Body. This application will be free, available on the web and on Android, and will enable students, teachers, and others using Google Body to continue to have access to a human anatomy browser.

BioDigital Human – An Amazing 3D Map Of The Human Body

BioDigital Human is an another 3D human body browser available for free. This tool is very helpful for the medical researchers, students and curious people to understand the human body organization. All you need is a HTML5 enabled web browser like latest versions of chrome, Firefox. If you see the below screen, then please use the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox.

BioDigital, your browser not supported

Your browser is not supported, please use latest versions of Chrome, Firefox etc.,

You would see the below welcome screen in-case your browser is the latest and supports all the features.

BioDigital, Supported browser

Your browser is supported

Main Screen

BioDigital Main

On the left is a tool pane that lets you zoom in on specific parts of the body, a list of predefined conditions, and your favorite bookmarks. At the bottom there’s a view toolbar with lot of options and at the right side is dedicated for common conditions and information window.

The search box in the left panel allows you to quickly look for a body part.

How to learn about a Body Part?

Double click on any body part of your interest and it would be zoomed and the inner parts of that selection would be shown in the right side information window.

Single click (select) a body part to read more information of that part (The labels has to be turned on to see this functionality)

BioDigital Zoom

Zoom and view 3D view

You can also drag the skeleton in any direction to view more details.

The Bottom Toolbar

BioDigital Main Toolbar

The bottom toolbar has the below functionalities

  • Rotate image 3D up/down/clockwise/anticlockwise
  • Move image up/down/life/right
  • Zoom image
  • Switch between Male and Female models
  • Toggle Labels which comes after selecting a body part
  • Take Snapshot, which allows you to copy the image to your computer
  • Switch to different views Standard View/X-Ray view/Isolation View

The Isolation view allows you to concentrate only on one visible body part. The currently selected body part would be isolated for further analysis. The below view is an isolation view of Frontal Bone which is allowing us to view 360° view of the skull’s frontal bone.

BioDigital Isolation View

Isolation View Advantage

Doctors can use this excellent tool to educate the patients and make them understand about their problems.

BioDigital human is also available as chrome addon


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