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mirolit halotea

Mirolit Halotea

Mirolit Halotea is an application for sound atmosphere creation and relaxation and it has a built in music player too. It is created for those people who needs a little relaxation from their nervous and intense work, who have small children, who want inner balance, who want to sleep peacefully, as well as for home and office PC users. It is scientifically proven theory that a person with upset mind can get relaxed with the help of a pleasant sounds or music which can provoke that person’s nervous system to calm down.

Halotea is an excellent application for relaxation and rest. It is enough to choose and turn on a sound theme and enjoy relaxing sounds of the nature and pleasant noises, to create the right sound surrounding, which matches your mood or can help tune in to a definite rhythm of work or rest. You can also create your own presets and sound themes.

Downloading and installing is very simple. This software requires Microsoft .NET Frameworl4 Client to be installed. If it is not already installed on your machine, the software installs it automatically. The application has a built-in audio player, sound recorder and scheduler. The default installation comes with a handful of per-configured themes and presets. You can select any theme and play the music or just re-tune the preset according to your taste.

mirolit halotea environment

You can fine tune effect by turning on or off the individual components. Overall the application has below features.

1. Nice and pleasant GUI. The icons in the application are self explanatory, but a tool-tip is provided in-case some one needs any help.
2. The application can work as a regular audio player with standard bells and whistles and more: equalizer, balance, transparency, scheduler etc.,
3. You can create your own themes from the existing presets and download presets from their website
4. The BUILT-IN PLAYER can read and play multiple file formats like M3U, MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, FLAC, CDDA audio tracks etc.,
5. You can play your favorite song in audio player window while playing your relaxation music in Environment window.
6. Mixing table for sounds, can create personalized sound theme.
7. You may record an audio session to a CD or a portable player and take it along. All this can be done easily with the help of the built-in recorder which records sounds in the OGG format that is played back by most modern portable players.
8. Player can be managed from the systray because the player keys (play, next, pause) appears in systray and does not appear in task bar.
9.  While working at the computer or relaxing, you can easily forget about important events or a scheduled meeting. the built-in alarm clock will remind you of the scheduled events. Such clock may not only alert the user by audio and visual signals, but also perform the necessary steps with the prior configuration – start the application needed, turn off the computer, etc.

mirolit halotea how it works


 If you were looking for an application for meditation, relaxation and rest, then this Application is just for you! It will help you to de-stress, set oneself for work, relax while at work..

HALOTEA is a commercial application and requires below system configuration.

Windows 2000/2003/XP, Vista, 7,
Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (installed automatically) or higher,
Microsoft DirectX 9.0 or higher.

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