Google Chrome Has Changed The Layout Of NewTab And WebStore

Written by Chaks

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Google ChromeGoogle has changed the appearance of Chrome’s NewTab so that it would be easier to access your favorite apps and discover new favorites. The new streamlined structure allows to access and organize your apps in different sections on the page.

The WebStore also has a new look. A slider in the top of the page helps quick viewing of the popular apps. Apps and extensions are now presented in thumbnail  images that are updated every time you visit the store. In addition, apps and extensions are easier to install—just hover over an image on the interested item and click “Add to Chrome” in-case of Extension, “Sign In  To Add” in-case of Application. Clicking on any App or Extension would result a complete description of item in a popup panel while keeping you in the same page.

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  1. Boomer says:

    Don’t like the wide spacing on the favourites.

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