Use Windows Explorer to Preview Pictures and Documents instantly

Written by Vijesh

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Windows 7 Explorer PreviewSometimes many of us wanted to preview our documents and images before opening them in a separate window or a separate tool. There are some freeware tools and windows shell extensions available for this purpose. Well, installing another software like Google Picasa only for this purpose is really not required unless you need to maintain a big library of images.

Windows-7 explorer has a built in mechanism to view the images in larger size without need of any other extra software. There are three options to preview images and one option to preview the contents of text documents.

1. Enable the “Extra Large Icons” options In the windows explorer. This can be done by clicking on the “Change your View” option, it can be found in the top right corner of your explorer window

2. Enable the Preview window by clicking on the “Preview Pane” icon in the top right corner of your explorer window. You can also preview the contents of  any Text Files (.txt, .csv, etc.,) and rich text format files using this option.

3. Right click on the bottom portion of your explorer and select the Size –> Large (other options are Small and Medium)

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