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I started using Google’s Chrome  for the last 2 days. And I liked it very much because of its faster load and execution. Rearranging the tabs is a common feature in any tabbed browser like IE-7, Firefox. Chrome is gone little bit ahead and it offers detachable/attachable tabs. Yes, we can detach and reattach the tabs, and here is how…

1. Open multiple tabs as shown below


2. Click on the tab to be separated, hold the mouse and drag little down or up. Now the Chrome visually shows the tabs position as shown below


3. Once you see the above window, Release the mouse button.

We can also (re)attach the multiple chrome windows to a single window-with-tabs, by following the similar approach, but this time it should be reverse. We should drag the 2nd window’s tab (not the window itself) to the first window’s tab location to make it as a tab.

The Task Manager of Google’s Chrome browser is common for all Chrome windows. To invoke the task manager press Shift + ESC button on any active Chrome window.

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  1. Bob says:

    Is there a way to lock this to prevent the tab from becoming a new window? I have muscle twitches and hate to have this happen, would realy like to continue with chrome but may be forced to return to firefox

  2. Rajan K says:

    I don’t think there is a way but you can re-attach the tab again by dragging the tab back to the window.

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