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     It is almost 1 month since i last blogged. It has happened all of sudden. I thought i am going to enjoy my vacation and i did, but my fate is turned suddenly in final day of vacation and fell sick and hospitalized for a week. Let me tell you in more detail…

      Last month end i took one week leave from the work to enjoy with my family. I went to my native place in andhra pradesh which is almost 1000km away from bangalore. I enjoyed the almost 20hours train journey and finally reached in my native place. Enjoyed each and every second with my parents. Went on site seeing and roaming around the town. That day is a saturday and I was supposed to return back on sunday the next day evening by the same train. Suddenly in the evening at 4pm i felt like there is something abnormal in my stumock. It turned into a severe pain. I am sure it is not Appendix related pain. I know where the pain will exist in case of Appendicities. The pain is increated by night and gas is started coming out of mouth. After sometime the vomitings are started, and by next day morning i was almost lost all the energy. The doctor advised me to join in the hospital. After so many tests they are not able to make out what was wrong, but found that the pancrease is enlarged a little bit and there was not enough movement in the intestines. The doctor told this could be a side effect of other unknown problem. They kept me in the hospital for a week, Every day surviving with fluids in the form of celien bottles. Finally got discharged from the hospital without knowing what might have caused this severe pain. As per the suggestion from the doctor i was there in my home town for a month and return back last week only.

     Now if i think about the above problem i am really in a dilema whether i am luckey or unluckey. I am staying alone here in Bangalore. If that pain comes here when i was in Bangalore, i will not be able to think what might have happened to me. At that time i was at my home town and with parents so they took me to the hospital. Who is going to take care of me if i got it here? My office people or my boss or my friends or who?? That is why i told initially i am feeling luckey eventhough i suffer… There is a old saying “finding happyness in a deep sorrows” (telugu: kashtAlalO sukhAlanu vetukkOvaDaM)

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