Richard Gere kisses Shilpa Shetty….Meaningless Protest

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Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty and hollywood actor Richard Gere are on the front page of almost all Indian national newspapers on yesterday and today too. Many people may have different opinion on it. No body supports such activity but the response coming out is totally meaningless i feel. When Shilpa embraced on BigBrother show everybody acted like she was representing India and supported her even though she went only to make money. Due to unanticipated events she got international fame more than that indians started thinking that she is the true represent of indian culture :(. She has kissed many in the movies and in the open shows (of course just a single kiss on the cheek). Richard Gare as a foreign origin he is naturally do kissing, infact he kissed some indian actresses before also. But no body opposed at that time because those actress are not famous? Check this URL to know one example of this kind of event in

All people/newspapers are crying that this incident has spoiled the Indian culture. Let me tell you one thing, Indian Culture is not the property of filmy girls, they just work for money. Their acts should never represent Indian Culture. Our culture is existed only in villages, with uneducated people and a small group of educated people who struggling to adopt western culture. We can see and enjoy Shilpa in a bra and bikini or kissing a filmi hero in a movie but not ready to see her kissing a foreigner in a open show. Kissing in open is almost like kissing in a movie. Whats the difference? If Gary kisses her against her will then you can protest it. It has happend just according to the script i feel. You can see her in the news videos enjoying the kiss, but there is no shock in the face. If you think this is wrong then we should ban all our hindi and telugu or total indian movies. How many people will agree for this? What i wanted to tell you is, we already half crossed the bridge and moving towards western culture. “The Bigin” has happened loooong back and there is no look back…

Gary Kisses Shilpa

Just a last word: In my company we have one open air theater called “Amphy Theater” which we use for gathering and dances etc., at least once per month. All this kind of foreign stuff is common here. This is a corporate culture…


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  1. koolman says:

    you are right, There was no protest when he did the same thing in jannuary , i donno y this stupids are making fuss this time.

  2. jyothisk says:

    Really too much. Why there was no cryout when aishwarya and hritik had a lip-to-lip kiss in dhoom-2 movie. Is kissing somebody’s fiancy is our culture?? May be the intension was “only an indian should kiss other indian”!

  3. lgirl says:

    yea, it is unnecessary issue and publicitized by media, we should forget it. I agree parially with author. we have to fight to protect our culture, and this change should come from movies itself. no bikinies, no under 18 love stories, no school dresses to heroins etc., the change will come in socity automatically :)

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