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                WordPress seems having some issue while commenting to other blogs and updating the options of your own blog. This weird behaviour i observed today while commenting on Seejay’s blog. Some time back i saw seejay’s blog and trying to post a comment after logging into my account. As i already logged in, it shown me only the message box while replying to that post. You should provide the name, email, website, message (website is optional) only if you are not logged in to wordpress. Obviously anybody expect their blogsite to be displayed/linked while replying to the posts. It didn’t happend in this case. You can see the screen shot below. Probaly the first reply in this image is posted without logging in, the second reply of mine is posted after loggin-in. Is this an issue??? I think i have to do log-out while replying to posts, So silly :( .

SeejayWordpress Comment issue

                     Few days back i was trying to save some of my settings in Options tab. First time it is saving properly, but from second time (URL: updated=true) onwards then updates are not reflecting properly. Sometimes you can see the message “Options saved” message, but the changes won’t shown in the screen. Sometimes eventhough it is showing pre updated data initially, after some time if you refresh then it will show updated data. So strange… I don’t whether i am only facing this issue…

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  1. koolman says:

    Hey, i also observed this, may be we are missing some settings? I prefer to use blogger instead of wordpress. switch to blogger, there is no restriction on java script,css and no issues, and its from big G

  2. milly says:

    I too agree with km. For me blogger is better than wordpress. check this comparasion matrix at

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