Indian Cricket Politics – Seniors Mafia?

Written by Chaks

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First wicket is down after the world cup mishap. The victim is indian cricket team coach, Greg Chappel. He resigned to coach post due to his comments against “seniors mafia” in indian cricket. Yesterday Sachin Tendulkar raised his voice against his comments. Good… but why Sachin only responding to this comments? Is it because he is the lead of so called “Seniors Mafia”?
We should accept the fact that, Chappel has done some good things to indian cricket. Before Chappel, our team’s star players are stick to their positions and not ready to play in other positions. Chappel changed this habit and forced them to play in any position. Before Chappel we are not aware that the last down batsmen also can bat well, we came to know this only after chappels experiments. Best point is, any player would be dropped if he is not 100% fit, remember the example of Ganguly. I completely agree with coach’s comments against the seniors. Most of the players are playing for more than minimum a 6 years to 10 years for indian cricket. Most of them are continuing in indian cricket with the help of their god fathers (selectors?) even though they are not scoring. Where is the chance to the fresh talented youngsters? How many youngsters got chance to play for india in the last 10 years? They are not surviving because of the so called “seniors mafia” in our cricket? I strongly believe that Greg is correct and action should be taken against seniors. Always our selectors are telling that, they are lacking of fresh talented people in india. Seems like this is also wrong statement. Why the seniors allow them to select a new talented guy?
Most of them in our country are player lovers rather than game lovers. The senior (non fitted) guys make a single century for one year… thats it, these bloody player lovers will praise them like any thing… Just see, Sehwag made a century 15 days back (against Bermuda), these bloody supporters won’t expect another century from him till another year. If you are a serious cricket lover (not player lover), then you should not encourage these kind of things and you should agree with Chappel.
BTW is there any relation between this “Seniors Mafia” and the D-Mafia 😉 ! Rumor has it that Chappel is going to write a book on his experiences, so letz wait for it (If this is true, Hope the Bookie mafia will keep him alive till that time, don’t forget Bob woolmer case)

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